15 DIY Wine Racks to Store Your Bottles in Style

Any wine lover understands the importance of finding a functional yet chic-looking storage system for unopened bottles, which can easily clutter an entire kitchen counter if you’re not careful. The ideal is something that can organize bottles while also protecting them and keeping them close at hand for easy grabbing—and looking good while doing it, of course. The good news is that pieces like that are easily DIY-able, and these 15 examples are proof. Whether you prefer a rustic look or lean a little more modern, there are so many options when it comes to crafting the perfect display for your home.

1. Display wine bottles with numbered labels

Blogger Whitney Gainer of Shanty2Chic made a beautiful wine rack complete with numbered labels to show off five of her favorite blends. This project is more advanced, so you’ll want to make sure you have a drill, sander, and more, as outlined in Gainer’s tutorial.

2. Make a free-standing wine rack/bar cart

If you’re looking for a setup that more closely resembles a typical bar cart, you’ll want to scope out blogger Bre Bertolini’s setup, which is made of pine and plywood stained in a dark walnut. It allows wine aficionados to easily view the bottles they have on hand while providing plenty of storage for glasses of all shapes and sizes.

3. Make a minimalist leather sling

Blogger Sam Raimondi crafted this gorgeous wine sling using aluminum rods and leather. Here, it’s shown with one bottle, but each sling could hold about three.

4. Create a wall display for bottles and glasses

Blogger Bethany Sy also used leather to create this stunning wine holder designed to be mounted on the wall; there’s room to store a couple of wine glasses underneath, too. Sy added some personalization using a stencil—an especially smart addition if you’re looking to gift your wine rack.

5. Use hooks to hold wine bottles in place

How lovely is blogger Jenni Yolo’s barnwood wine rack, which stands out with a touch of shiny copper? The chalkboard paint up top finishes off the rustic look. This project looks super stylish, but requires minimal tools and skills to pull off.

6. Add a wine rack to an existing island

Blogger Sarah Saucedo of Thrifty Decor Chick chose to upgrade her existing kitchen island to include a wine rack. She made it from wood she already had on hand, and then painted both the rack and the island a beautiful blueish gray for a cohesive look.

7. Build a geometric wood display

The best part about working with plywood is that there are endless opportunities to customize your creation. Blogger Sarah Fogle created this intricate shape using wood that she sanded and stained and then mounted the piece to her wall. This wine rack easily doubles as decor.

8. Make an industrial tabletop display

If you’re a fan of all things industrial looking, you’ll want to replicate the pipe wine rack that blogger Stephen Johnson made. The pipe component of this piece is actually available for purchase on Amazon; you’ll just need to purchase wood for the base.

9. Repurpose a pegboard as a wine rack

This pegboard-turned-wine rack that Becky Marshall of Flipping the Flip made has space for plenty of bottles, which are held in place by long dowels. This piece looks lovely in its natural wood color, but you could also spray paint the finished product—or even just the wood backing—in the hue of your choosing for some extra oomph.

10. Build an under-cabinet bottle shelf

Blogger Lindi Vanderschaaf of Love Create Celebrate made a copper wine rack to affix to the bottom of her kitchen cabinets for maximum storage. The final product houses six bottles of wine without taking up precious counter or wall space, making it an excellent option if you’re working with limited square footage.

11. Use trim to turn wood shelves into wine racks

Have an old dresser that is missing drawers or no longer serves a clear purpose? Make like blogger Jessica Wangelin and use it for wine storage instead. In a tutorial on Brittany Bailey’s blog, Wangelin explains how she converted a thrift store find into a mini cellar. By attaching dowels to MDF wood, she created the perfect resting spot for bottles. The top of the dresser would be the perfect surface to hold a tray of liquor bottles.

12. Build wine racks into a dresser

Blogger Hannah Drake also repurposed a dresser that she received for free, painting it a chalky white and designing a wine rack to create an at-home bar station. Bottles of liquor are artfully positioned on ledges on the bottom shelf, which keeps even the back row on display.

13. Build an angled wall-mount wine rack

Blogger Jamison Rantz created this fun, L-shaped wine holder for the wall within just a few minutes. Since this piece is so small in size, it could be hung practically anywhere—on a small wall next to the fridge, in a dining nook, or even above a bar cart.

14. Craft a freestanding wood wine rack

Blogger Paula Skulina made two of these freestanding wine rack featuring shelves of various heights. This setup allows Skulina to also store glasses on the rack, making impromptu entertaining a breeze.

Create a simple countertop rack

Blogger Lynn Lilly of The Craft Box Girls made this charming wine rack, which can be positioned horizontally or vertically. She notes that it’s easy to adapt this project to create stackable forms of this piece, too.

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