How to Limit Screen Time for Kids This Summer with These Ideas

How to Limit Screen Time

Picture this: You are trying to make dinner for your family but your kids are wanting your full attention. In truth, that’s not fully possible, so you hand over the Ipad or turn on the TV so you can finish cooking. While stirring the pasta to avoid it getting burned, you think to yourself, “Is there a better way to do this?” Health experts say that screen time for kids is at an all time high. It is recommended that parents and caregivers of children make reducing the amount of screen time children are exposed to a high priority! So, here at The Dating Divas, we came up with the best tips and ideas for how to limit screen time for your children, all while keeping your sanity!

Totally using these ideas to help cut down my child's screen time! #screentime #kidssummeractivities #lessscreentimeTotally using these ideas to help cut down my child's screen time! #screentime #kidssummeractivities #lessscreentime

Screen Time Recommendations

Furthermore, health experts say that parents need to drastically cut children’s screen time throughout the day. However, to stay within the recommended amount of  screen time, you first need to know what they are! The recommended screen time for kids ages 2-5 is one hour per day. For kids ages, 5-18, screen time recommendations are two hours a day. But, why do we need to limit the screen time for our children in the first place? Research indicates that children are exposed to the blue light that comes from screens when used continuously. This can hinder their ability to fall asleep. Additionally, lack of sleep can contribute to obesity, which is a major health risk. Now that you know the screen time recommendations by health experts, read on for tips on how to limit them!

Screen Time For KidsScreen Time For Kids

Limiting Screen Time for Kids

You may be asking, “How do I limit screen time consistently?” Well, using apps that help set limits on screen time, a chore/sticker chart to earn screen time, and setting up playdates is a great way to start! And, when you don’t know what other crafts or games to play, encourage your children to play outside and have face-to-face interactions with their peers! Of course, it’s much easier said than done, right? To help get you started, here are a few amazing resources to help you limit screen time for your kids.

Screen Time RecommendationsScreen Time Recommendations

  • Zift – This app gives you visibility to and limits for your child’s screen time activity.
  • Screen Time – An app to easily set daily time limits for your children to avoid excessive screen time for kids and more!
  • UnGlue – Too much screen time is a problem all parents face. Now there’s a solution that gives your kids the power to learn healthier habits — within your boundaries.
  • Qustodio – An app to help keep your child’s online experience safe, fun, and productive.
  • Norton Family – This app helps protect your children from online predators by showing you what your children are doing online and identifying potential dangers before they become problems.
  • Chore Chart – A printable ready to download and print just for you! But don’t forget to put it somewhere where your child can see, too!
  • Behavior Chart – Working on your children’s behavior can be a great way to keep sanity in the house!
  • Screen Bucks – Make them work for their screen time!
  • Technology Ticket – Reward your kid’s good behavior or hard work with a technology ticket!
  • Earn it – Must do something to earn screen time!

Summer Activities

Limiting screen time for kids can be difficult, but always try your best to make the alternative fun! Now it’s time to bring on the best summer activities to help you limit screen time for kids! First, take out the snow cone machine, the hose, and get ready to make a splash this summer! Below you will find the best like of ideas for things kids can do instead of being on screens.

Summer Activities for KidsSummer Activities for Kids

  • Boredom Busters – This list has ideas for kids, families, and of course, for just you and your sweetheart! Kick summer boredom, and excessive screen time, to the curb with this list!
  • Family Bike Rides – Limit screen time for kids by checking out this Top 10 Must-Haves List for the best family bike ride.
  • Lego Day – Have a fun lego day with your kids!
  • Library Scavenger Hunt – Have fun with your kids with this free library scavenger hunt printable!
  • Hiking – Get some fresh air and go on a hike that’s perfect for you and your kids. But don’t forget your water!
  • Backyard Camping – Here are ten ideas to get you started!
  • Toy Car Wash – How cute is this?! Your kids will love this fun idea.
  • Root Beer Floats Party – Get creative and have a fun root beer float party!
  • Secret Handshake – Bond with your child by creating a secret handshake!
  • Lemonade Stand – Oh, the classic lemonade stand. But here’s a fun twist!
  • Fairy Garden – Adorable tips on how to make your own! And stay on track with the recommended screen time for kids!

Looking for more ways to keep your kids entertained this summer? Go check out our Family Fun Night Ideas and Backyard Scavenger Hunt.

Best of luck limiting that screen time!

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